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Scott Safety Z1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

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• Z1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders
• Lightweight, low profile, comfortable design
• Universal 30mm attachment posts
• Maintains optimum and even cushion pressure
• Impact resistant ABS ear cups
• Full integration with other PPE
• Approved to global hearing protection standards
• Universal maintenance and hygiene kits
• CE certified to EN352-3-2002
• SNR=27dB, H=30dB, M=25dB, L=16dB

• Helmet NOT Included

• Suitable for working with electricity (Dielectric)
• Twin stirrup design maintains stability and attenuation performance
• Airing and park positions
• Simple head size adjustment
• Optimised clamping force to ensure comfort

Zone helmet mounted ear defenders offer perfect integration with safety helmets and enable the creation of a total head protection combination. Scott Safety has a full range of safety helmets and helmet mounted face protection, which integrate seamlessly with Zone ear defenders; whilst featuring positive engagement, easy size adjustment and low profile airing/park positions.

Zone 1 industrial models are easily identifiable by their durable and practical dual finish black ear cup with clearly visible yellow insert and spacer. Zone 1 offers a lightweight and comfortable solution for use in low to medium noise level work environments, such as general industry, DIY, grass/bush cutting and food processing.

A consistent all round performer at all frequencies, the Zone 1 ear defender is suitable for long term use in low noise level environments or shorter term use in medium level noise environments and enables workers to remain aware of their external environment without over protecting.