Adept Oil NFT Dual Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves

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• UCI Adept Oil Safety Gloves
• Patented NFT® coating offers superb grip in dry, wet and oily conditions
• Abrasion Resistant
• Water Resistant
• High Grip
• Colour Coded Nitrile Coating
• Treated with Sanitized hygiene funtion to inhibit bacteria growth
• EN388:2003
• Price per pair

The Adept Oil from UCi are patented NFT® fully coated safety gloves with a flat nitrile undercoating providing a flexible and waterproof glove with enhanced dexterity and exceptional grip in wet and oily conditions. The NFT® coating provides class leading abrasive resistance to offer extremely long lasting gloves. With the Sanitized® hygiene function, these gloves are able to stay fresh and odour free throughout usage. They have been specially engineered for use in particularly wet or oily conditions to keep hands dry and ensure maximum efficiency throughout usage.

• Delicate Assembly
• General handling of wet or oily items
• Maintenance
• Oil and gas industry
• Marine
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Mechanics
• Light metal fabrication

Glove Size:
To ensure the correct fit, measure the circumference of your dominant hand (right hand if you are right handed, left hand if you are left handed) just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. This measurement is your 'hand width' glove size. Match the measurement with the sizes below.

SIZE Small Medium Large XL
INCHES 7 8 9 10
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