Click Medical Sharps Bin 4 Litre

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• Sharpsafe 4 litre bin
• 4L nominal capacity
• Clear, self activating inner flap ensures safe disposal
• Semi translucent lid  - contents visible when full
• In-mould label - offers permanent audit trail which cannot be removed
• Large fill area
• Temporary & final closure feature
• Simple 4 click assembly
• Clearly visible fill line
• Dimensions: L 175mm x W 175mm x H 245mm

The Sharpsafe 4 Litre bin provides the ideal combination of cost-effectiveness and portability in areas of low to medium usage. A wide aperture allows the easy disposal of needles and syringes. A translucent lid with clear internal flap and visible fill line help ensure that the 4 Litre is not overfilled.
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