Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Sanitiser - Concentrated (5ltr)

Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Sanitiser - Concentrated (5ltr)

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Delphis Eco, the first EU Ecolabel accredited cleaning brand in the uk have launched a nautrally powerful dual action food pretp accredited kitchen sanitiser and cleaner. This proudct cleans and protects all hard surfaces. Stopping the spread of harmful infection and killing 99.999% of germs and bacteria.

  • Safe to be used on paintwork, metal, glass and rubber
  • Professiona strength meeting EN1276, EN13697 and EN1650
  • 100%  recycled plastic bottle packaging
  • 100% UK made
  • 100% animal cruelty free - never tested on animals
  • Septic tank safe

NOTE: 5L versions of the Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Hand Sanitiser are concentrated and must be diluted prior to use. Failure to do so will be corrosive and potentially damage surfaces.

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