Fentex Multi Zorb Clay Granules 20Litre

Fentex Multi Zorb Clay Granules 20L

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• Multi Zorb Clay Granules
• General purpose industrial absorbent
• Fast - Reacts to spillage immediately
• Rapidly absorbs large quantities of liquid
• Safe, non-toxic, non-abrasive and relatively dust free
• Provides sure footing on slippery surfaces
• Does not decompose after absorption
• 20 Litre bag

Multi-Zorb industrial spillage absorbent, is a specially produced quality granular clay that absorbs all kinds of liquid spillages without granular breakdown, leaving floors clean, dry and safe. It requires no special precautions during handling other than maintaining normal housekeeping practices.

Ideal for use in car bays, machine shops, factory floors, warehouses, oil refineries, packaging plant, garages, forecourts etc.
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