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• Protect your feet from painful blisters
• Hydrocolloid patch that is water resistant and breathable
• Will protect existing blisters and can also assist with the prevention of blisters
• Flexible and easy to apply, provides a barrier against grime and bacteria
• 68x43mm patch ideal for heels
• Available in Packs of 5

HypaCover Blister Dressings provide gentle cushioning protection and help prevent blisters. The dressings are highly conformable with a discreet profile, giving secure adhesion whilst protecting the feet from painful blisters. Hydrocolloid plasters work like an additional layer of skin and are water resistant and breathable. The moist environment promotes the healing process and reduces the chance of scarring. HypaCover Blister Dressings are flexible and easy to use and are ideal for heels.

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