Brand Profile - JALITE AAA

What do JALITE supply?

JALITE, established in 1983 are the premier supplier of Photoluminescent safety signs and escape route materials. All of JALITE's products are cost effective, providing the ultimate safety and evacuation supplies without putting a massive hole in your pocket. JALITE manufacture all of their safety signs in the UK which span these areas:JALITE AAA Fire Action Notice - Assembly Point
  • Photoluminescent fire safety signs, blue mandatory safety signs, yellow caution safety signs
  • White rigid fire safety signs, blue mandatory safety signs, yellow caution safety signs
  • Aluminium fire safety signs, blue mandatory safety signs, yellow caution safety signs
  • Pathway marking systems

How are JALITE qualified?

JALITE AAA Photoluminescent Carbon Dioxide Safety SignThis is one of the first things we thought about when deciding to become a JALITE AAA distributor. We need to know that we provide only the best products for our customers especially when it's something so important. JALITE is a part of the following organisations:
  • International Standard Organization (ISO)
  • Lloyd's Register Type Approval
  • British Standards Institution (BSI)
  • Photoluminescent Safety Products Association
  • Marine Equipment Directive
  • International Maritime Organization

Standards and Legislation

Wherever applicable, all of JALITE's photoluminescent signs and products conform to the most current British and International standards, certificates of conformance can also be provided upon request. Here are a few examples of standards JALITE products conform to:

BS 5499-4:2013
Safety signs, including fire safety signs - Part 4: Code of practice for escape route signing.

BS ISO 17398:2004
Safety colours and safety signs. Classification, performance and durability of safety signs.

BS 5499-10:2014
Safety signs, including fire safety signs - Part 10: Guidance for the selection and use of safety signs and fire safety notices.

Why do we need safety signs?

Required under health and safety law, signs are used to protect employees, customers or anyone who may be in the vicinity from potential or actual accidents or in the event of an emergency. The safety signs used must convey a clear message that can be understood by everyone, regardless of language, with the use of internationally recognised symbols to support any instruction the sign may be giving. Safety signs must be illuminated and must remain illuminated in the event of a power loss, this is where photoluminescent safety signs are particularly important.

JALITE AAA - Photoluminescent Warning Mind Your Head Safety Sign
The only photoluminescent safety signs we carry are JALITE AAA as we can be sure they are manufactured to a high and consistent quality. Take a look at the range we stock here. We also provide bulk discounts on JALITE safety signs which can be found here If you've seen a safety sign that you require which isn't on our website, please submit a support ticket and we'll do our best to source this for you.

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