Trench Covers & Kerb Ramps

Trench covers are designed to be used as temporary covering when maintenance or repair work is being carried out. Open trenches are extremely hazardous and trench covers offer a versatile, safe and cost effective solution for maintaining pedestrian access across excavations. They are widely used in public areas such as footpaths and driveways.

Our range includes HDPE trench covers (High Density Polyethylene) and GRP trench covers (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Lightweight, durable and maintenance free, our trench covers offer high visibility and non-slip surfaces. They are fully compliant with EU legislation.

Kerb ramps are lightweight and portable, providing an effective, convenient way to mount kerbs easily. Designed for private, industrial and commercial use, our ramps feature non-slip surfaces and are highly effective even in adverse weather conditions.

Our range of kerb ramps are strong, durable, cost effective and easily transported, ideal for use in a variety of locations such as hospitals, warehouses, airports and storage depots, or for private use, wheelchair access, etc.
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