Brand Profile - Who are Vital ID?

Who are Vital ID?

Experts in emergency identification - Vital I.D, founded in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada in 2006. The goal behind Vital ID was to keep children safe, however their range very quickly expanded into their hugely popular sports, motorcycle and worker I.Ds. Not only do their ID's serve their primary function, but with the additional information provided, emergency personnel are provided the opportunity to perform potentially life-saving treatment.
Universal Fit ID attached to harness

'Quality is a keystone' as Vital ID tell us - and we believe it. The IDs are hardwearing, versatile and secure.  The Vital ID range are reflective, water-resistant and non-conductive, with the synthetic paper ID tag inside being 100% waterproof.


So, why Worker ID?

Vital ID's worker identification allows users to carry critical and very possibly life-saving information in the event of an emergency - at all times. Emergency personnel will have the quickest possible access to the information that could save you. Vital ID also provide emergency personnel to contact your next of kin as quickly as possible. It is also recommended to store allergies, adverse reactions, health conditions and a basic medical history.

Worker IDs are recommended for people in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Heavy industry (warehousing, logistics)
  • Railways and roads

Let's look at the Worker IDs in a bit more detail:

 Vital Emergency ID - "ICE"ICE Vital ID

The original - Should ideally be fitted on the exterior of your hard hat or clothing. The ICE identification stores your name, the company you work for, your medical information and space for two emergency contacts. The ICE ID also displays the internationally recognised 'Star of Life', sending a clear message to emergency personnel.






Vital ID - Emergency Data Window - "ICE"Vital ID Data Window

 ICE - Data Window is a slightly larger version of the original emergency ID, this means it can store more vital information. The data window allows you to display your name or site induction details without having to open the sleeve, adding extra security to the information stored. As with the original ID, the data window can be fitted to clothing, harnesses or hard hats.






Vital ID - Emergency Data Window, GlobalVital ID Global Data Window

The Global data window, also featuring 3M's scotchlite reflective material and tamper-proof seal are designed with internationally recognised symbols rather than text to ensure the identification retains effectiveness around the world. If you work internationally, this is the ID for you.







Universal Fit IDUniversal Fit ID

The universal ID is specifically designed for non-hard hat wearing industries and can be fitted to belts, lanyards, key-rings, harnesses or boots. Weighing only 10 grams and with its stretch-ring fitting system the universal fit ID is incredibly versatile with a gasket sealed lid to ensure the data security.







Vital ID - Temporary identification stickers Vital ID Temporary worker identification

This is a cost effective solution designed for managers and supervisors to see at a glance who is on site. This waterproof product provides basic information such as worker name, company, profession, access authority and contact number. These are perfect for short term or temporary workers and contractors.





Vital ID - For proactive health and safety officers and companies that care.



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