IndustraCare Environmental Policy

At IndustraCare we are committed to consistently looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and looking for ways in which we can become carbon neutral. To us, complying with legislation, regulations and legal requirements are there simply to give us extra paperwork, we truly believe that by working together with our customers and suppliers we can all be more environmentally friendly. Our current scope is the provision of safety equipment such as PPE, first aid and emergency preparation supplies. In order to do this in an environmentally friendly manner our strategy is as follows:


    • Monitor and evaluate areas of our operations which impact the environment, such as waste management.
    • Minimise the impact of these operations through reduced resource consumption.
    • Recognise the impact and responsibility everyone carries in contributing towards a positive environment.
    • Reduce the use of raw materials and partner with suppliers who are dedicated to helping the environment.
    • Promote environmentally friendly products wherever possible.
    • Reduce waste plus recycle as much as possible.
    • Minimising water and electric use through our green policy.
    • We are implementing a plan to prevent any waste being sent to landfills.
    • Go public with our policy and let everyone know our views on environmental issues.
    • Respect our neighbours by considering our environmental impact on our local community.
    • Listen to our customers.
    • Quick action on any potential hazardous leaks.
    • Audits.


    Danny Richards

    Managing Director