We here at IndustraCare strongly believe that businesses can thrive with very little impact on the environment. We have environmental, green and supply chain policies also available for public viewing to reinforce our belief that business can and should be environmentally friendly. We are very selective over who we choose to work with, ensuring our suppliers also take their corporate social responsibility seriously. As an environmentally conscious business, we acknowledge our actions and our strategy in working sustainably as follows:


1. Preventing pollution, reducing waste and taking measures to protect the natural environment.

2. Considering the affects of our actions on the local environment.

3. Implementing both an environmental and green policy.

4. Working with partners who take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

5. Ensure a swift reaction to incident control and investigation.

6. Ensuring all members of the organisation are aware of their responsibility to both the environment and local community.

7. To comply with all legal, legisative and regulative requirements at all times.

8. IndustraCare will take all practical steps to reduce the risk of dangers to the environment caused by our operations.

9. All staff will be provided with the necessary resources to carry out their duties in an environmentally friendly manner.

10. We will work towards the environmental management systems compliant with ISO 14001.


Danny Richards

Managing Director