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Berkeley Recycled Rubber Bollard 1

Berkeley Recycled Rubber Bollard


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• Berkeley recycled rubber bollard
• Stylish practical design
• Steel core for added stability
• Available in two head styles – mitre or pyramid
• 100% recycled rubber
• Reflective strips for night visibility


• Overall Height: 1000mm and 1300mm
• Above Ground Height: 700mm and 1000mm
• 300mm sub-surface fixing
• Size: 150mm x 150mm
• Style: Mitre & Pyramid heads
• Material: Recycled rubber with Steel core
• Colour: Black with reflective strips

The Berkeley rubber bollard is made from recycled rubber moulded into a strong yet yielding bollard,  effective in reducing the risk of damage to vehicles, making it ideal for use in car parks, schools, residential areas, play areas,etc.

The bollard is reinforced with a steel core for extra strength and the fixing method is sub-surface (ideally concrete in). It is available in a choice of two heights and two head styles Mitre (45º angle) and Pyramid. The bollard is black and comes with reflective strips for night visibility.

The Berkeley rubber bollard can, on request, be equipped with circular signs with standard symbols or to your design.

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Product Code Overall Height Height Above Ground Model Colour Weight Price
162.21.675 1000mm 700mm Pyramid Black 22kg £117.96
162.27.092 1000mm 700mm Mitre Black 22kg £117.96
162.28.524 1300mm 1000mm Pyramid Black 23kg £148.44
162.26.571 1300mm 1000mm Mitre Black 23kg £148.44