Cederroth 4-in-1 Mini Bloodstopper

Cederroth 4-in-1 Mini Bloodstopper

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• 4-in-1 mini bloodstopper dressing
• Sterile universal dressing with four functions
• Pressure pad for heavy bleeding
• Protective dressing for superficial wounds
• Burn dressing with special wound protecting surface
• Temporary support dressing
• Especially suitable for fingers and toes
• Clear instructions on the inside of pack

Cederroth Mini Bloodstopper Contents:

-1 x Pad (8cm x 12cm)
-1 x Elastic bandage (6cm x 3m)

The 4-in-1 mini Bloodstopper from Cederroth is a small and convenient sterile first aid dressingx. Cederroth 4-in-1 mini is a sterile universal dressing, which consists of one elastic bandage and one compress with a non-stick wound contact layer which is stitched to the bandage. The dressing is wrapped in a pouch with printed pictorial user instructions. The Cederroth 4-in-1 mini dressing is intended to be used in first aid situations and it is especially suitable for injuries to fingers and toes.

Clear colour illustrations and First Aid instructions are printed on the packaging.

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