Dirteeze Rough and Smooth Wipes (Tub of 80)

Dirteeze Rough and Smooth Wipes (Tub of 80)

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• Dirteeze rough and smooth pre-moistened wipes
• Maximum strength spunlace, soft, strong and absorbent
• Double-sided
• Perfect for rugged wiping
• Good absorbancy with liquid spills and cleans faster
• Antibacterial, kills 99.99% of most known germs
• No sticky residue left after wiping
• Contains aloe vera to look after hands
• Skin-patch tested with zero irritation on all skin types
• Large wipe size 22cm x 20cm
• Conforms to EN1223/2009 cosmetic standards for hand wipes

• Tub of 80 Wipes

The rough and smooth heavy duty wipes from Dirteeze are unique double sided wipes featuring a micro-beaded side for agitating the surface to be cleaned without scratching, and a smooth side for wiping surfaces clean. These large (22cm x 20cm) sized wipes, made from spun lace, offer significant advantages on wiping performance in terms of absorbency, outstanding strength and cleaning power. These wipes are skin-patch tested as safe to use on skin and contains Aloe Vera for keeping hands moisturised.

Dirteeze rough and smooth wipes removes the following and more:

• Semi-cured silicone sealants
• Decorators caulk
• Oils and greases
• Adhesives
• Water-based paints
• Inks
• Expanding foam
• Dirt and grime
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