Ergodyne 1600 Back Support

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• Ergodyne back support
• 9" (22.8 cm) premium all-elastic body for extra firm support
• Contoured high-cut front panel
• Non-conductive polypropylene stays
• Adjustable, detachable suspenders
• Stretchable bias binding with zig-zag stitching
• Rubber track webbing
• Black

The Ergodyne 1600 back support provides lower back and abdominal support when you lift. By tightening the back support you enhance your body’s intra-abdominal pressure and move the stress away from your spine. Wearing a back support also reminds you to use the proper lifting techniques.

Size Guide

Measure around the waist. A support should fit snugly, but not so tightly that it cannot be cinched firmly when ready to lift.

Small - 25-30in (64-76cm)
Medium - 30-34in (76-86cm)
Large - 34-38in (86-97cm)
XL - 38-42in (97-107cm)
2XL - 42-46in (107-117cm)

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