Fentex Oil and Fuel Spill Kit 20ltr

Fentex Oil and Fuel Spill Kit 20ltr

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• Oil and Fuel Spill Kit
• Absorbs hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, fuel & solvents
• Hydrophobic properties give superior oil sorbency without taking on water
• Strong wicking action for fast clean-up
• Absorbs up to 20 litres
• Disposable bag and tie included
• Conforms to BS7959

• 12 x Double weight oil & fuel absorbent pads
• 2 x 120cm oil & fuel socks
• 1 x Disposal bag & tie

The Fentex 20 Litre oil & fuel Spill Kit is packaged in a clip-top bag for quick response to spills of oils, fuels and solvents. Contains absorbent socks to contain spills and protect drains and absorbent pads to soak up spilled liquids. Disposal bag and zip-tie included. Instructions for use clearly displayed on exterior label.

The kit can be used outdoors in wet conditions to absorb hydrocarbons.

Ideal as a vehicle Spill Kit and in situations where small spills could occur.

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