Hypaclens Value Emergency Eyewash Station (2x500ml)


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• Contains 2 x 500ml bottles of eye wash
• 0.9% sterile saline solution ideal for irrigating eyes and wound washing
• Cardboard dispenser box can be easily mounted on the wall close to the point of need
• Ideal for short term projects including fit out or short term construction projects
• Can be refilled with HypaClens 500ml eye wash bottles

This economical eyewash option enables you to provide a litre of HypaClens sterile emergency eyewash in a simple wall-mountable bracket, providing quick and easy access. Simple secure to a wall by inserting two nails or screws through the slots provided. This value option is a great choice for short-term projects, especially where no clean running water is available.

HypaClens Sterile Eyewash is a single-use medical device intended for emergency eye irrigation. As per HSE guidance, following eye contamination with chemicals or small particles, you should wash the eye out with either clean water or sterile fluid from a sealed container for at least 10 minutes.

HypaClens Sterile Eyewash is designed to be a substitute for clean running water in first aid situations and is only intended to be used once. Reuse of the bottle would mean the contents were no longer sterile and could pose a risk of infection. For this reason, the bottle is designed so it cannot be resealed. After use, any excess fluid remaining in the bottle should be discarded. HypaClens Sterile Eyewash is also suitable for flushing wounds.

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