SafeRide Extra Wide Speed Reduction Ramp 15mph

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Ramp Length: 1.4 Metres
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• SafeRide Speed Bump
• Effective, comfortable speed reduction
• Easily installed and adaptable
• Two heights for 10mph & 15mph
• Tough, durable rubber construction
• Yellow retro-reflective panels for visibility day or night
• Textured surface pattern for effective grip even when wet
• Suitable for HGV's


Centre Section:
• Size: 900mm Length x 500mm Width
• Height: 50mm (15mph)
• Material: Rubber
• Colour: Black with Retro reflective Yellow inserts
• Bolts: 12mm/100mm (Included)

End Caps:
• Height: 50mm
• Size: 900mm Length x 450mm Width
• Material: Rubber
• Colour: Black
• Bolts: 12mm/100mm (Included)

Due to the enhanced dimensions of the SafeRide speed reduction ramp a more comfortable crossing is achieved without sacrificing the speed reduction benefits. This is achieved with a wider drive over section that reduces the ramp angle when compared to conventional 'speed ramps'.

Manufactured from recycled rubber with interlocking reflective yellow panels this speed calming ramp is highly visible and offers a more comfortable crossing than conventional speed ramps. The SafeRide is easy to install and remove and is available in two heights 50mm and 75mm for speeds up to 15mph and 10mph respectively. It is also suitable for HGV traffic.

The SafeRide is ideal for calming traffic on business premises, airports, docks, container ports, car parks, entrances, exits, open spaces, loading docks, public areas, hospitals etc.

Note: We recommend that appropriate warning signs are used with this product.


Product Code

Ramp Length


Description Weight
284.20.824/1 1.4

1 x Centre Section

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/2 1.9

2 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/3 2.4

3 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/4 2.9

4 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/5 3.4

5 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/6 3.9

6 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/7 4.4

7 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/8 4.9

8 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/9 5.4

9 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

284.20.824/10 5.9

10 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps


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