Sharpsafe 5th Gen Sharps Bin 1 Litre

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• Sharpsafe 5th Gen Sharps Bin 1 Litre
• Made from low carbon footprint recycled material
• Semi Translucent Lid – contents visible when full
• Flip top lid for temporary and final closure feature
• In-mould label – offers permanent audit trail which cannot be removed
• Complies with the standards listed below
• ISO23907-1:2019
• UN3291

Through championing change and pioneering product innovation, Sharpsafe are proud to have introduced the world’s first sustainable single-use sharps container into the market.

The 1 Litre Sharpsafe® container is designed for both community and hospital use and can be used with the Sharpsafe® Tray as part of the Near Patient Sharps Disposal System (NPSD). The 1 Litre has two apertures, one of which provides an open aperture for the disposal of used sharps, the other contains a needle removal feature.

A translucent lid with clearly visible fill line and inkjet printed waste segregation message help ensure the product is not overfilled.

Sharpsafe 1L containers are specifically designed to enable the safe disposal of clinical sharps and minimise the risk of associated injuries. The design of their products demonstrates their purposely designed features to ensure the safety of all users. The four audible clicks feature confirms that the lid and base are assembled securely and are safe for use. The temporary and final closure feature provides reassurance when the container is in use and that no further waste can be added once the final closure is activated preventing any potential spillages and overfilling.

The containers are designed with a strong rigid body and made from robust, high-quality recycled material that prevents sharps penetration through the wall of the container.

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