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Topstop-Eco 15RE Speed Reduction Ramp (image 1)

Topstop-Eco 15RE Speed Reduction Ramp

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• Topstop-Eco 15RE speed bumps
• Easily and quickly installed
• Recycled materials
• Contrasting colours for daylight visibility
• Cost effective solution
• Sectional construction to suit site conditions


• Topstop-Eco 15RE (15 mph)
• Centre Section: 500mm Length x 500mm Width x 30mm Height
• End section: 500mm Length x 200mm Width x 30mm Height
• Material: Recycled materials
• Colours: Black or Yellow
• End sections: Yellow only
• Fixing bolts: 12mm/100mm Included

Manufactured from recycled plastics, the Topstop-Eco speed reduction ramp is available in three heights, 70mm, 50mm and 30mm to reduce speeds to 5mph, 10mph and 15mph respectively. This version is 30mm high and is designed to slow traffic to speeds of up to 15mph.

Topstop-Eco speed reduction ramps are the cost effective method of reducing traffic speeds. They are extensively used in potentially hazardous situations such as exit and entrance ways, bends, loading bays, weigh bridges, pedestrian crossings, junctions, schools, manufacturing sites, depots, car parks in hospitals, public houses, hotels, sporting venues and other parking locations etc.

Topstop-Eco 10RE and 15RE are recommended for use on public roads.

Where strong shear loads are likely, we recommend that in addition to bolting down, an adhesive is used to secure each section to the road surface.

Note: We recommend that appropriate warning signs are used on roads where speed bumps are installed.

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Product Code

Ramp Length


Description Weight Price
281.15.289/1 1.0

1 x Centre Section

2 x End Caps

14.5kgs £59.05
281.15.289/2 1.5

2 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

23kgs £86.24
281.15.289/3 2.0

3 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

31.5kgs £113.42
281.15.289/4 2.5

4 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

40kgs £140.60
281.15.289/5 3.0

5 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

48.5kgs £167.78
281.15.289/6 3.5

6 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

57kgs £194.95
281.15.289/7 4.0

7 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

65.5kgs £222.14
281.15.289/8 4.5

8 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

74kgs £249.32
281.15.289/9 5.0

9 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

82.5kgs £276.50
281.15.289/10 5.5

10 x Centre Sections

2 x End Caps

91kgs £303.68